CAT FIGHT: Mum assaults neighbour believing he killed pet

A MOTHER was slapped with a $2000 fine after she punched her neighbour in the face because she believed he killed her cat.

Samantha Ann Bassett fronted the Roma Magistrates Court pleading guilty to one count of stealing and one count of assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police prosecutor sergeant David Longhurst told the court on November 10, the defendant overheard the victim, her neighbour, saying he entered her yard and killed her cat.

The following day, Bassett saw the neighbour at the Wallumbilla pool and the pair engaged in a verbal altercation before the defendant got angry and punched the victim in the head, the court heard.

"This knocked the victim's glasses off his head," sergeant Longhurst said.

"He had bruising and swelling around the eye."

Bassett made full admissions to police.

The prosecutor said to deter not only Bassett from repeat offending, but also enforce to the wider community that engaging in physical violence in public places is not on, a significant fine would have to be imposed.

"The issue with is, it was in a public place and engaging in violence, there has to be general deterrence for like-minded people," he said.

"When one looks at Bassett's history, it's not overwhelming and nothing in well-over 10 years, but whether a fine is in range to deter generally and personally … it would have to be significant."

Bassett told Magistrate Peter Saggers that she wanted the neighbour to admit to killing her cat and it wasn't her intention to hurt him.

"I did what I did … I was upset that my cat was hurt, it wasn't my intention, I just wanted him to admit what he did so I could take it to police but by the time that happened, I snapped," Bassett said.

In regards to the stealing offence, the prosecutor said an iPad was taken from a school.

"They (school) told her to give it back, she said they moved house and couldn't find it, then when it was found, it was damaged," sergeant Longhurst said.

The prosecutor sought $275 restitution from Bassett for the iPad.

Saggers fined the defendant $2000 and she was ordered to pay $275 for the iPad.

Convictions were not recorded.