CASHLESS CARD: Human Services Minister Alan Tudge shows what the cashless welfare card will look like.
CASHLESS CARD: Human Services Minister Alan Tudge shows what the cashless welfare card will look like. Amanda Coop

Cashless card letter sparks strong response

"Why not bring it here? God knows we need to try something and I haven't heard any better ideas from opponents of the card,” says a letter writer about the proposed Cashless Debit Card.

Jodie McNally Try something to ... what? Punish people for the despicable crime of being poor, and there being a severe disparity in the numbers of available jobs compared to unemployed? Create severe mental health problems like anxiety and stress for people who are already suffering and struggling? Completely decimate the local economy due to a cash shortage? What people seem to forget (or don't think of) is that when the poor are given money, every single cent goes into the local economy. They buy groceries. They support local farmers and vendors at markets. They shop at corner stores, they buy second and third or even fourth hand items off Facebook and Gumtree and from the tip shop, which reduces waste and supports other local people who might be struggling. They buy secondhand parts at local wreckers. You know what they don't do? They don't buy a third house with a trust fund and charge taxpayers a disgusting $275 a night to stay in it They don't go on overseas holidays. They don't buy a third house "on a whim” while travelling. The reason Australia didn't collapse during the financial crisis was because of the payments given to families and students. You know what they did with that money? They bought TVs, fridges, laptops for their kids to take to school, got tyres. They supported local businesses. That is why we floated so well through the GFC. And here they are being degraded, and humiliated, and treated like the lowest scum on the face of the planet, just because trough swilling politicians want to get more votes from people who make half or less less money than the politicians decided to vote in a yearly pay rise for themselves. Just the pay rise. Want to save the budget? Let's try taking the pensions off the politicians. When they're unemployed, they should have to get another job, rather than live off the backs of the working people.

Rebecca McMullen The wrong-doers will find a way around the system and still be buying drugs/alcohol and the rest of us will suffer ... anything has got to be better than that I would think!

Jodie Turnbull In all fairness a lot of ideas, comments, opinions that oppose this get deleted, so maybe it was missed - but in that case there are many better ideas. Early intervention programs, rehab centres/programs that are funded for more than a few sessions, affordable housing, more resources to assist staying in an education program, domestic violence assistance for both victims and perpetrators to end the cycle and maybe some Magistrates to back up the great work the police do and implement punishment that fits the crime to deter further criminal activity, just to name a few.

Tracey Smith Put the "letter writer” on the Indue card and leave everybody else alone. Then the government can spend the millions every year on the community, not funnelling it off to private company, Indue.

Nicole Taylor So here is an idea. Let's keep reading stuff on how good this card is. It is supposed to be so good and everybody wants this card in apparently. Well how about tell us who its run by. Then tell us the fees involved if overdrawn. Then you can tell us how much the poor are getting taken advantage of.

Cindy Carey Heres an idea. Instead of ripping off businesses who won't allow the cashless card because of the extra tax, make more jobs. Stop raising rent! Lower it! Invite more businesses to Bundaberg! Create more shopping centres, bigger carparks and wider roads. You are going to destroy farmers! Home businesses! Funny how you said Aldi will take the card and only days later Aldi Australia confirmed they have no interest in allowing this card

Barry Betts You haven't heard any better ideas from opponent of the card?

Suzie Nellist I can already see ways around this. For instance, someone with a cashless card may offer someone else who doesn't have a cashless card $20 worth of shopping for a bottle of wine. Or $100 worth of shopping for some drugs. Or similar to that. There are always ways around this. People who are desperate are always going to find ways. I think this idea is a load of crap from the start

Nerida Waddington Giles Bundaberg is at the moment a great place for people with young children. We need to have an industry apart from the fruit industry.A lot of people say we need more jobs which is great and a great way to get a lot of people off the Centerlink thing. We do have a great climate but not a lot to do for people that do not have young kids or teenagers. Since we have the turtle thing at Mon Repo maybe there is something that could be done around that like a different take on Seaworld or something. People that say we need more jobs, or industry, would you have any ideas on what can be done? More jobs are had then we might be in a better position for not needing 'the card'. Does anyone have any suggestions on what Industry could be here in Bundy? Maybe some suggestions on what people can bring to the City may be a better option/s then people complaining or having 'the card'.

Sue Wright So Karen Statham you say those who are doing the right thing have nothing to fear. I am a Carer to my severally disabled adult daughter. Life has been hard enough with her being quadraplegic, non verbal, blind and more but 18mths ago she also ended up with a paralysed stomach. This means she can only receive nutrician via an intestinal feeding tube 24/7. I have rang 3 companies that I get her feeding supplies, formula, tubes, hire of pump, stoma supplies and continance aides. Non of them will accept this fake bank card. Only a real bank transaction or credit card. Now we all know you cannot pay off a credit card so may as well go bankrupt too. Yes the NDIS is coming out soon but these particular items need to be bought first then put in a claim for the cost back. I know this for fact as I have rang about this as well. I keep writing my problem on these posts and to Keith Pitt but no one will answer me. No No you cannot buy these in woolies or coles unless I have missed seeing feeding tubes on the shelves, have you seen this items. I am getting so sick of feeling anxious, depressed, worried, scared of what the future may bring because of this stupid stupid card.

Amanda Tesler Sherring The only ones with something to lose are those doing the right thing ... those doing the wrong thing won't change their ways. And the taxpayers reward - a welfare bill increased by two-thirds.

Letitia Hutchings If this is such a "fantastic” idea then why don't the politicians give up their pay packets for 3 months and live off the card and payments alone, pay all their bills, support their families and show everyone how they are supposed to do it.

Caroline Adams I have an idea.... How about using the money it will cost to introduce this crap to create more jobs so we can get off Centerlink all together? Seems like a better idea to me.

Paul Quinlan What we need is a jobs program, what we need is to make ppl fully aware that a federal surplus is a bad idea, the absolute liar of future generations inheriting debt ... what debt ? We need to deficit spend ... the economy is nothing like a household . Finally, we should be balancing the economy not the budget .

Patricia Brown The real question is "Why is it going to cost $ $10,000 if it is already in place in WA .. They shouldn't have to research the costing.. While this card doesn't directly affect me , I seriously think this is the First step to bringing in Cashless society SO the Government can really control us ...

Casey Fletcher I am sorry but something needs to be addressed. Members of the public who are taking on the caring role ( this is at times tough) and are on carers pension should not be placed on the cashless card. They go out of their way to care for fellow Australians and do it gladly even though at times it can be tough for both person with disability and for carer. They go though enough stress day to day without having this extra stress from the cashless card. Keith Pitt should spend a day seeing exactly what carers do day to day caring for the ones They love. Go see a carer trying to stop a melt down or change a grown man or lady's nappy simply because They unfortunately have incontinence issues. Try to lift, dress and feed a adult or child that is wheelchair-bound, watch a child or person have a seizure and know too well there's nothing you can do about it. with sadness in my eyes I want to say Please mr Pitt give carers a fair go! Don't Force this onto carers have a heart.

Erika Lines They don't tell about the fees and charges for using the card nor do they tell you what happens to the money left on your card better the government spends money on more infer structure and flood proof the town

Emm Ess Always use cash where possible. Once its gone, its gone. Makes you think twice about where you are spending it. Its being a responsible steward of God's finances.

Alison N Roc Im a pensioner and not well off, I'm not ashamed of showing my card !!! There will be 20% cash on theirs, so what's the problem?

Jason Weston OMG did you actually read the interview with Keith Pitt? He couldn't even answer the questions and he's failed to address and inform the community. Not to mention he's already been caught out lying and his claims the cards just like an ATM card has also been proven false as Aldi had rejected it's use. Have you looked into the company behind this card and their ties to NLP party ... I don't think so!

Dwayne Childs Is Keith Pitt confident with his new Nazi control card? Will he take full accountability for its failure and pay back the wasted taxpayer money from his own pocket? The money would be better spent on public floggings for politicians who screw us over.

Louise Bridle My post was deleted by Keith Pitt. I am told so I am under the understanding that the cost of each card was $10,000 so if this is true and most shops wont have the correct machine for this card why is this money being wasted? Nobody is happy with the concept of being told how they have to live . I believe we live in a democratic society not a dictatorship. Just my opinion

Alex Frost The only people supporting this card are complete ignoramuses or corporate shills for Indue Ltd.

Rick Macca Spend the 90 million on industry instead it could supply jobs for all unemployed

Paul Henry List I wonder if people can subscribe to the NewsMail with cashless card.

Clinton Cross People will probably leave the area most likely. Be more of a ghost town.

Fay Whitley Very good letter I must say I think the same if they won't cash get a job

Kristy Jenkins So why are carers being placed on it?

Troy Hennessy Would be good if it could be used at a butchers or local fruit and veg shop not just at the big three, Coles, Woolies and Aldi.

Debra Kay What an ignorant woman Karen is. Just because you need income support does not make you a druggie or alcho.

Justin Lyddiard I agree with it 100 percent as long as is used for the individuals that have proven to be using the cash irresponsibly like drug use and gambling ect and unless they are used in conjunction with the individual's identification. They can be swapped for cash anyway.

Brian Bedford Why should luxury items be available to people on benefits? The card will provide you with everything you need to live!

Amy Kinsey Load of hogwash.

Tom Jansson May as well build a Berlin Wall as well. I'm still waiting for Keith's reply on his page to my valid questions...

Benjamin R Buckley I had heaps of better ideas but Keith Pitt didn't wanna know and blocked me.

Kristy Michelle Murray Drug dealers still take the card. They do it in Brisbane already.

Debbie Cook 'Jobs for the boys'. One of Mal's mates to get the contract

Ainsley Milne Third-generation dole bludgers in this town. Why not give it a go?

Desley Mckeon-Girle Look up crime rates in places they have done this.

Cherie Curtis She makes a compelling argument!

Dwayne Childs Going to be hilarious watching this fail