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Carlyle Gardens residents Heather and Don enjoying Bargara beach.
Carlyle Gardens residents Heather and Don enjoying Bargara beach. Contributed

Carlyle Gardens the 'perfect place' to settle down

CARLYLE Gardens in Bargara is home to 400 residents who come from all over Australia to live across the road from one of the most pristine beaches in Queensland.

The village itself has been an established part of the community for 29 years but village manager Michael Owens is a more recent addition, having joined the team just over a year ago.

Michael said Carlyle Gardens attracted all kinds of residents, including many from regional areas and those who stop in when they're driving along the scenic coastal route.

For many of these drop-ins, they decide they never want to leave.

"Compared with other villages, we have much larger independent living villas and larger blocks," he said. 

"That means we get a lot of regional people who are used to living on big pieces of land.

"People also come for a visit and say, 'hang on, this is where we'd like to live'. Particularly in winter, people come in looking for somewhere to put their roots down. That's a very familiar story."

Carlyle Gardens village manager, Michael Owens. Contributed

One of the residents who retired to Carlyle Gardens after touring Australia is Roy Markwell.

After spending 11 years in a caravan driving around the country, he and his wife, Genevieve, decided to make the move nearly 10 years ago.

"We wore out a couple of caravans," Roy laughed.

"We decided we had to settle down somewhere and this looked like the perfect place."

He and Genevieve were attracted by the lifestyle and Roy said retirement agreed with him.

"I don't have to do any work. I don't have to mow the lawns. It's just a nice relaxed lifestyle," he said. 

In between playing 18 holes of golf three days a week, Roy finds time to be the President of the Social Activities Committee. 

He said the best part of retirement was "having more time to spend with your missus".

"Carlyle is just like an ordinary suburb. We're not jammed in or crammed tight."

Carlyle Gardens resident Roy Markwell loves his lifestyle. Contributed

Roy enjoys the fact the village doesn't have fences and loves the gardening he now has time to do.

"I like to sit back here and have a look at all the flowers growing. I don't think I could be anywhere else."

Michael agrees with the sentiment that Carlyle Gardens is like its own suburb. "We have a strong community feel and a very active community bundled into a safe and secure site.

"But it's still very quiet and relaxed and that's reflected in Bargara as well. We've still got a beach village feel," Michael said. 

Since joining the Carlyle Gardens team, he's been amazed by the residents' attitude to life.

"I'm being continually taught new things. When you've got a good group of people, you generally learn," he said.

Michael said people often told him they wished they'd made the move earlier.

"Do it before it's too late. Enjoy life, get rid of all the baggage," he said. 

"All retirement villages have a community, but with Bargara itself and our sense of community, well, I think this one's special."

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