Paul Hudson is running for KAP in Burnett.
Paul Hudson is running for KAP in Burnett.

Candidate calls for rates to be frozen at 2019 levels

KATTERS Australian Party Burnett state election candidate Paul Hudson has slammed Bundaberg Regional Council, claiming it is supporting "vanity projects" over farmers.

Growers in the region have been at odds with the council since this year's budget was handed down due to claims some rates on farms have gone up 235 per cent.

Mr Hudson accused the council of favouring the "urban elite", referring to recently released plans to revamp areas of the CBD.

"Why should the people of Burnett fund the $19 million destruction of Anzac Pool and its replacement with an entertainment facility?" he said.

"Why should millions be spent on ripping up Quay St and planting gardens? Where are the trucks going to go? If it's not broken, don't fix it."

Mr Hudson has called for rates on farmland to be frozen at 2019 levels until the situation can be "sorted out".

Mr Hudson also called for money to be spent on fixing Paradise Dam, clearing hospital waiting lists, fixing roads and targeting crime.

"These multimillion-dollar urban beautification projects can wait, the real issues need to be fixed now," he said.

A spokesman for Bundaberg Regional Council hit back at Mr Hudson's claims.

"Mr Hudson appears to be standing for the wrong election," he said.

"The council poll was six months ago and if he was genuinely interested in local government issues he would have been a candidate then or made his views known at the time."

The spokesman said the council was working in a number of ways to improve the region.

"Council will soon be releasing its state election advocacy document," he said.

"We hope that Mr Hudson and other state election candidates respond positively to the projects we're putting forward, such as reinstating water lost from Paradise Dam and upgrading Moore Park Rd."