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Canada's got a new PM, but he looks like a movie star

CANADIANS have voted in a change of government, but all anyone outside the country seems to be talking about is how young and good looking the new leader is.

Introducing Justin Trudeau: 43-years-old, tall and trim and the son of the late Pierre Trudeau who was also appointed Prime Minister in 1968 . 

His Liberal Party won a majority of the Parliament's 338 seats on Tuesday, making the former school teacher the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history.

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Mr Trudeau toppled conservative Stephen Harper, who had held the top job for nine years.

Conservatives pilloried Trudeau as too inexperienced, but he embraced his boyish image on Election Day by wearing jeans and a varsity letter jacket. He then posed for a photo standing on the thighs of two his colleagues to make a cheerleading pyramid.