Cameron McEvoy has parted ways with his coach
Cameron McEvoy has parted ways with his coach

McEvoy bombshell decision as he weighs up future

SWIM star Cameron McEvoy has split with long-time coach Richard Scarce and is seeking a new mentor to help drive his Tokyo Olympic campaign.

The fastest man in history over 100m in a textile suit, McEvoy has been unable to find his best form at major meets over the past two years and has decided he needs a change ahead of the 2020 Games.

McEvoy is yet to make a decision on his future but is trialling the programs of Gold Coast coaches Michael Bohl at Griffith University and Chris Nesbit at The Southport School and David Lush in Brisbane.

The 24-year-old said leaving Scarce, who runs the Bond University program that has produced Commonwealth Games relay gold medallist Elijah Winnington, had been an incredibly tough decision.

"That decision was definitely up there with one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life - both making the decision and conveying the decision," McEvoy said.

"But I got a lot of support from Rich when we spoke about it and his main concern was just to get me into whatever (program is best for me) in order to get to wherever I can get in swimming.

Cameron McEvoy at the Commonwealth Games
Cameron McEvoy at the Commonwealth Games

"It was really, really, hard. I don't know how else to put it.

"It was really emotionally draining."

And having Scarce's support had been a relief.

"It was really nice. I know Rich really well and I knew he would support me regardless," McEvoy said.

"With other swimmers he's had in the past that have moved on he's been supportive and so I knew he would be no different to me but it still didn't make the anticipation of going to that meeting any less easy.

"It's really helpful having Rich on my side still and the door's always open still, so if wherever I go doesn't work out, we still have the option of working in the future. It's purely a professional decision."

McEvoy will make a change to his set up in a bid for Olympic success
McEvoy will make a change to his set up in a bid for Olympic success

With just over two years to the Olympics, McEvoy knew now was the time to make a change if he was going to leave the Bond program.

"You've got to make it now at the two years mark out from Tokyo and even that may be cutting it fine," McEvoy said.

But knowing he needs to make the right decision on a new squad, McEvoy is determined not to rush the call and could sacrifice a spot at the Pan Pacific championships if his squad trials mean he has compromised his preparations for the August meet.

"I'm choosing making a decision on the squad over being very prepared for Pan Pacs," McEvoy said.

"I don't want to have any quick biases in joining a squad in order to be ready for Pan Pacs as opposed to thinking longterm.

"It's also been really confusing in terms of all the information coming in and trying to sort through it and what's useful and what's not useful. It's very difficult.

"I haven't made any decisions yet. I've been talking to a lot of people and … I'm not rushing it because wherever I choose to base myself will be the base leading into Tokyo, so it's a very important decision."