Arial View of Borumba Dam
Arial View of Borumba Dam

Calls to raise Borumba Dam to solve water crisis

WATER is a precious commodity and as Tuesday's issue of The Gympie Times pointed out dam capacity is falling to critical levels.

Now is the time to raise the level of the Borumba Dam.

I am calling on the Mayor to push for its construction by Local and State Government.

The investigation of this issue has already been done by the DPI Water Resources back in 1993 with public consultation and despite the critical recommendations already made, this report is gathering dust.

This dam provides for a new wall constructed downstream of the existing dam on Yabba Creek and I quote from the report.

"Of all the options considered, the raising of Borumba Dam appears to be the preferable option because of its minimal impacts.

"Raising of Borumba Dam is capable of meeting future demands of the area for several decades depending on actual population growth."

It is my understanding that land has already been reserved for this increased capacity.

The area referred to in the report, not only considers Gympie but the local government areas of the Sunshine Coast and Noosa.

No doubt there are other matters to be considered including irrigation requirements for agricultural land.

Lindsay Horswood, Gympie