Call for residents to share their Cyclone Marcia experiences

CAPRICORNIA residents affected by Cyclone Marcia are being urged to share their experiences to help boost community cyclone and storm safety, by completing an online survey hosted by CQUniversity.

The person leading the survey research, Professor Kevin Ronan, says public responses will inform a report for cyclone response agencies, scientific conferences and research journals.  More importantly, it will inform planning for future events, including how to help the community prepare effectively for and become more resilient to events like Cyclone Marcia.

He said the final report would also be shared with contributors but individual survey responses would of course remain confidential.

"We do appreciate residents' being involved and also make sure to preserve confidentiality and anonymity," Professor Ronan says.

He went on to say that "storms and cyclones are a part of life in parts of Australia, including as we saw in Capricornia".

"When they do occur it is important to learn as much as possible about the event and people's experiences.

"This project is being undertaken so that we can develop a better understanding of how to improve community safety for the future by learning as much as possible about what happened before, during and following the cyclone."

Professor Ronan says the research will focus on issues relating to community storm and cyclone safety, including:

  • What do people understand about and do in relation to cyclone danger, property and other preparation, warnings, evacuations and other aspects when a cyclone is forecast?
  • What were the experiences of people affected by the recent cyclone, and what did people do before, during and after the cyclone?
  • Were the cyclone alerts and warnings adequate, how did residents seek information, where did they look?
  • What would have helped residents manage better?
  • What have been the outcomes for you and your family?

To take part in the survey visit: