Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: David Gray/Getty Images.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: David Gray/Getty Images.

Call for more self sufficiency in the wake of Covid-19

I was disgusted to see two smiling mining magnates trying to get our Prime Minister to drop the investigation into China’s handling of the coronavirus or Covid-19 as it is now called.

Will Scott Morrison be able to withstand all the pressure from these two or will he buckle and give in to their demands?

They say we need China to buy our iron ore. There are other countries besides India who might like to avail themselves of the opportunity.

China seems to have made themselves indispensable to most countries and that has to stop.

China is trying to bully us by threatening to place huge taxes on our maize and boycotting our beef exports.

Well how about some boycotting by us in return? We certainly can do without a lot of the cheap rubbish they flood into our country.

Korean products are far superior to those made in China, so we should buy more from Korea instead.

Trade more with other countries, make much more ourselves and stop the Chinese domination of Australia.

As a result of the virus, almost every country in the world has been brought to their knees.

Job losses and businesses suffering from lockdowns, massive inconvenience worldwide and people all over the world are grieving for the loss of so many loved ones.

Our wonderful way of life will never be the way it was before this horrible scourge decimated the world.

All because a virus was unleashed upon the world, and a president of one nation appears to be seeking world domination.

Betty Lowis, Kepnock