Call for more rehab centres to battle war on ice

QUEENSLAND will need more drug rehabilitation centres to properly address a problem with methamphetamine addiction, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.

The state government has developed a new website where six former addicts and their families share their stories of overcoming the drug, in an effort to encourage more methamphetamine users to seek help.

Detailing how her government is spending $100 million over five years to curb methamphetamine use, Ms Palaszczuk said more help centres were needed.

"We are building a new rehabilitation centre in Rockhampton, I know the federal government has committed to a new rehabilitation centre in Caboolture, but I think we will actually need more across the state," she said on Sunday. Last month there were calls for a rehabilitation centre to be developed in Bundaberg after a NewsMail report that the number of deaths in the region, attributed to accidental drug overdoses, had more than doubled in a decade. This followed analysis of a four-year period from 2012-16.

However, Bridges Health and Community Care CEO Sharon Sarah said a rehab centre wasn't the top priority for treatment in the Bundaberg region.