PRODUCT RECALL: Plastic pieces have been found in some Caramilk products.
PRODUCT RECALL: Plastic pieces have been found in some Caramilk products. Ashley Clark

Cadbury recalling sold-out Caramilk blocks

CADBURY'S Caramilk has been a hit but you may want to think twice before popping another piece on your mouth.

The manufacturer issued the recall today after pieces of plastic were found in the sweet treat.

The recall applies to 190g blocks of Caramilk with the best before dates of 17/01/2019 and 21/01/2019.

They can be taken back to the place of purchase for a full refund. Proof of purchase is not required.

In a statement, Cadbury said the affected products had only been sold in Australia.

"A limited number of Cadbury Caramilk products have been found to contain small, flexible pieces of food grade plastic as a result of a machinery fault during the manufacturing process," the statement read.

"Cadbury Caramilk products containing plastic may cause minor injury if consumed.

"Our analysis of the samples received to date has determined that this product does not appear to pose a serious health or food safety risk, but a recall has been initiated to prevent the risk of minor injury."

Caramilk, which was last on sale in Australia 20 years ago, is a combination of white chocolate and caramel.

It's been popular with Bundy sweet tooths.

Woolworths Hinkler Central sold out of the product within an hour of its delivery.

Cornett's IGA and Coles Hinkler Central also sold out quickly.

Caramilk is made at the Cadbury factory in Dunedin, New Zealand.