Business blooming during pandemic restrictions

THEY'RE gift that say it all, and with the coronavirus pandemic at the moment flowers have become as popular as ever.

Florist Karen Moller from The Flower Box in Bourbong St said they have been sending out three times as many flowers as they normally would.

"Things are going OK, we're sending flowers out because people can't go out and visit families for birthdays and sympathies as well," she said.

"We're sending out probably three times as many flowers as we normally would in a week.

"We are working shorter hours."

Ms Moller said with Mother's Day approaching they were preparing for a busy time ahead.

"We're predicting it will get busy so we're preparing for that," she said.

"We still have restrictions in place, we can't send any flowers overseas but we are preparing to be busy."

She said it was encouraging to know people were supporting local during the tough times.

"People are doing a lot of ordering online through our website," she said.

"We're one of the main industries that hasn't been affected too much and we try to buy as much locally as we can."

Ms Moller said flowers were a gift that could speak for themselves.

"They say everything, when people don't know what message to put on the card the flowers say everything, they speak for themselves," she said.