Corey Teske pleaded guilty to five charges in the Caloundra Magistrates Court.
Corey Teske pleaded guilty to five charges in the Caloundra Magistrates Court.

Burnout hoon leads police on high speed chase

A driver who did burnouts in front of police and then led them on a high speed chase has narrowly avoided jail time.

Police prosecutor Mark Burrell told the court that police were conducting patrols on May 15 near the Hungry Jack's restaurant at Caloundra Rd, Little Mountain.

The court heard at 4.20pm, police saw Corey Joseph Teske, 41 going through the drive through and checks revealed his car was not registered.

The registration had expired on February 16 this year.

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"Police had a conversation with the driver and provided clear directions to park in a nearby parking bay," Senior Constable Burrell said.

The court heard when police were walking towards Teske, they heard his engine rev loudly before he sped off, screeching his tyres.

"The driver then performed a fish tail burnout as he sped off," Cst Burrell said.

The court heard police drove after Teske in attempts to intercept him, where they saw him do another burnout.

"The defendant's vehicle increased speed as it proceeded west along Caloundra Rd," Cst Burrell said.

"It was observed swerving carelessly around other road users.

"The defendant had no intention of stopping as it rapidly accelerated away from police."

Police then stopped their pursuit.

The court heard Teske turned himself in to Beerwah police station on May 16.

He told police he sped off because he panicked.

Teske pleaded guilty to five charges in the Caloundra Magistrates Court on Tuesday, including evasion and unlicensed driving.

Cst Burrell said a 50-day jail term would be an appropriate sentence.

Teske's lawyer, Scott Taylor, told the court Teske was remorseful for his actions.

Mr Taylor said Teske was suffering from serious health problems including stage four lung cancer and asked for that to be taken into consideration.

Magistrate Stephen Courtney said Teske was in real danger of serving jail time.

"You realise, no doubt, that it was a very silly thing to do," he said.

"Although your offending was very serious, I'm not going to send you to jail."

Mr Courtney fined Teske $7672.50.

Teske was also disqualified from driving for two years.

Convictions were recorded.