Wet weather in Bundaberg.
Wet weather in Bundaberg. Mike Knott BUN221118WEA2

Bundy's weather gods waiting till Friday

FRIDAY is the day the weather gods will decide what fate is in store for Bundaberg.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Nicholas Shera said there was some uncertainty when it came to looking at the week of weather ahead.

He said modelling showed ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen was moving down the east coast of Queensland - but it was still too early to say what his path would be.

"It's Friday when the uncertainty comes in to play,” Mr Shera said.

There was a medium to high chance of showers on Friday.

This could strengthen to a high chance of Saturday, before dropping back to medium on Sunday and Monday.

Mr Shera said the temperatures across the Rum City in the coming days would remain on average for December.

The average maximum is 29.6 degrees and the minimum is 20.5 degrees.

He said the weather system bringing rain to north Queensland may not hit Bundaberg, and if it did it may not reach here until Monday.

The mean rainfall for Bundaberg during December is 127.6mm.