Manchita and Jackie Moorhead stop for a break on their morning walk.
Manchita and Jackie Moorhead stop for a break on their morning walk.

Bundy’s record breaking weather

BUNDABERG shivered through the day yesterday and it wasn't without reason as the temperatures were record breaking.

The Bureau of Meteorology measures temperatures from 9am to 9am and the highest temperature reached was 13.2 degrees just before 9am this morning.

However, looking at just yesterday's temperatures the maximum temperature reached 12.5 degrees at 2.30pm.

The maximum of 13.2 degrees surpasses May's lowest maximum temperature by a landslide, as the previous record was recorded at the Bundaberg Airport on May 24, 2016 when the maximum temperature reached 16.4 degrees.

Making yesterday's temperature the lowest maximum May temperature since 1959.

A spokeswoman from the Bureau of Meteorology said the cooler weather was a result of a cloud band sitting over Eastern Queensland as well as a cool pool of air pushing up from the South.

"Today it is clear and sunny as the clouds have moved off the East Coast so it is a little warmer and over the next couple days it will be gradually warming up, although we still have a cold air mass sitting over us," she said.

The lowest May minimum temperature is 3.3 degrees, recorded on May 17, 1960.

Yesterday's minimum temperature reached 10.6 degrees which was warmer than some mornings earlier this month.