NEW FACE: Cardiologist Dr David Grout has joined Bundaberg Cardiology.
NEW FACE: Cardiologist Dr David Grout has joined Bundaberg Cardiology. Mike Knott BUN061117GROUT2

Bundy's got a new heart doc on the block

THE heart health of the region's residents is in good hands with former Sydney-based cardiologist David Grout joining the Bundaberg Cardiology team.

Looking for a change of pace, Dr Grout jumped at the chance take on the new role after spending two years as a general physician at Bundaberg Hospital.

"I've been in for 30-odd years in Sydney and decided to move up to Queensland more recently,” he said.

"A position came up and I wanted to move up ... Sydney was becoming a little crazy, I thought a change heading north would be a good thing.”

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Dr Grout has been at the forefront of initiatives in his medical field.

"I was one of the earliest cardiologists to do coronary angioplasty, balloon angioplasty - that was in about 1983,” he said.

"Later on I was one of the first to bring in the CT scanner for looking at coronary arteries, in fact the first coronary CT scanner in Australia in association with the Sydney Adventist Hospital.”

Now based at the Mater Hospital as a clinical cardiologist, Dr Grout focusses on a number of ways to diagnose heart health and sees patients with a range of issues including coronary artery disease and carries out echo cardiography, stress testing and stress echo.

"I've seen a lot of changes over the years and decades, not only in terms of drug therapy but also in devices,” he said.

"Pacemakers, stents - the area continues to progress and it's been very interesting to have been part of that ongoing wave.”

Dr Grout said fortunately, progress continued to improve patient outcomes, both for those with genetic heart problems and those with issues brought on by lifestyle factors.

Welcoming Dr Grout, Bundaberg Cardiology cardiologist Andre Conradie said the team was delighted to have its newest team member on board.

"He has been a pioneer in cardiology, and performed Sydney's first coronary angioplasty, as an alternative to open heart surgery,” Dr Conradie said.

"His arrival will mean we'll be able to see new patients in the community faster and expand our clinical capabilities, which is terrific for Wide Bay.”