What building approval figures mean for the local economy.
What building approval figures mean for the local economy. Jodie Richter

Bundy's building approvals eclipsing 2017

MORE than $10million worth of buildings were approved in Bundaberg in August.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show 32 buildings worth a total of $10.8million were approved in the Bundaberg council area in August.

But the number and total value of the approved buildings was down compared with July, when 46 buildings worth $11.6million were approved.

Throughout the year 78 houses have been approved in Bundaberg, up from 56 approvals across the same period in 2017. But no units have been approved, compared to 12 last year.

Master Builders Queensland deputy CEO Paul Bidwell said construction remained a key economic sector in every community.

"Building approvals is a really important indicator of how the local economy is doing," he said.

"If people are living and working in the area, if industry is doing well, then people are going to be looking at building."

Mr Bidwell said almost all approved buildings were built, but construction commencement could take years.

"The correlation between approvals and construction is very high, around 99 per cent.

"If a developer is doing their job right, they shouldn't be applying for approvals for buildings that aren't going to get built." -NewsRegional