Dan and Hanna
Dan and Hanna

Bundy woman reveals her date with Dan from MAFS

A FORMER Bundaberg woman has revealed the night she went out with notorious Married at First Sight love rat Dan.

The popular reality TV show pairs couples who "marry" as soon as they've met.

The show then follows the couples and the controversy that ensues.

The series, which wrapped up this week, heated up when Dan cheated on "wife" Tamara with Jess, who kept her "husband" Mick in the dark about their secret affair.


Bundaberg woman Hanna Munro.
Bundaberg woman Hanna Munro. Contributed

Bundaberg's Hanna Munro revealed her thoughts on the series following the revelation she'd gone on a single date with the reality TV star.

"We got introduced through a mutual friend one night at a bar a couple of months ago," Ms Munro said.

"Dan and I had good banter at first.

"We both have a child so I feel like it opened him up a little more."

Ms Munro said he'd been painted in far too negative a light.

"He isn't a bad guy, he just makes bad choices," she said.

"He may have got a comfortable feeling that night as we were talking about our children and then drinks also being involved."

However, she said cheating was simply unacceptable.

"In no way shape or form is being in that situation acceptable to cheating," Ms Munro, who now lives and works on the Gold Coast, said.

"To be honest I don't agree with it.

"If you're on national TV or in the spotlight I don't get why people act the way they do.

"Some behaviours are not okay and sometimes I feel they're teaching viewers that that behaviour is acceptable in today's society."

Their meeting was short lived.

"We only met that night and then went our separate ways," she said.

"He told me was going to be on Married At First Sight so I didn't know if he got married or not.

"I didn't want a bar of it because if he was 'married' I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

"I'm a girls' girl and wouldn't like that being done to me."

Dan even went in for a kiss, but it wasn't something Ms Munro was open to.

"I pulled away after I realised that he pulled me in to kiss me," she said.

Ms Munro said while she had lived away for some time, she was proud that she'd come from the Bundaberg region.

"I'm from the country and I'm proud of it," she said.

"All of my family still live there so I still try to visit when I can.

"I only moved to experience a little bit more, have more work opportunity and experiences different cultures.

"I feel like moving away has helped me grow as a person and I mature a lot.

"Living far away from family always has its cons but it's made me stronger."