An old chocolate ad in the NewsMail. Circa 1940s.
An old chocolate ad in the NewsMail. Circa 1940s.

BUNDY TRIVIA: When did these six news stories happen?

HOW well do you know Bundaberg's history? We've plucked five news stories from the last 100 years to test your knowledge. 

Try to guess what years they happened and then check the answers below. But we won't make it too hard -  here are the years to match to the stories: 1916, 1923, 1949, 1968, 1988, 2007.

1. Elvis (well almost) comes to town

About 10,000 people flocked to see Elvis Presley's limousine on display at the Bundaberg Civic Centre.

The fundraising event saw queues of people stretched out to Bourbong St to see the precious vehicle.

2. Beer flows for the first time in weeks

Beer was available in Bundaberg after a several week shortage.

The national coal strike had cut off supplies from the south.

The news quickly spread through the city and pubs were rushed by thirsty patrons.

3. Shoppers gear up for opening 

Shoppers flocked to the opening of Hinkler Central on July 25.

The centre included a Kmart store with $2.5m of goods and 160 staff.

4. Naughty nudists nabbed at beach 

At the April 3 Woongarra Shire meeting, the chairman said that his attention had been drawn to the fact that people had been swimming in the nude at Sandhills and had issued instructions for the park's caretaker to take names of the naked bathers.

5. Croc spotted at Elliott Heads (and don't forget this story - though it's a little more recent) 

A man visiting Elliott Heads with friends reported seeing a large crocodile, about 14ft in length.

Mr Ward said the croc had been spotted on the main beach.

Mr Ward said the crocodile had stayed put.

6. Get your fruit, veg and coffins 

A stall dedicated to coffins turned a few heads and caused some lively debate when it was set up among fruit and vegetables for sale at Shalom Markets in April.



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1. 1968, 2. 1949, 3. 1988, 4. 1916, 5. 1923, 6. 2007