Bundy school postpones China trip in wake of Coronavirus

LOCAL schools have shared advice and postponed trips to China after the outbreak of Coronavirus.

St Luke’s Anglican School has postponed a China Cultural Trip, which was meant to be held around Easter.

A group from their Chinese friendship school have also cancelled their trip after official advice from China stopped groups from leaving the country.

The trip and the visit was part of the school’s global education program that allowed them to meet students in different countries and cultures.

St Luke’s principal Craig Merritt said ensuring the health and safety of their staff, students and community was integral.

“We’ve been liaising with our friendship school and their travel plans and they were given official advice not allowing groups to leave the country,” he said.

“We’re very lucky the only known negative to this is the cancellation of our study group coming to visit.”

Mr Merritt said Coronavirus could be contracted by contact with someone who had been in the Wuhan area, and encouraged anyone with flu-like symptoms to stay home.

“Coronavirus is very unique and specific to people who have been in contact with Wuhan,” he said.

“We encourage our normal advice, if you are feeling ill stay home and recover.”

Queensland Health said any students who become unwell after having links to Wuhan or the Provence of Hubei should not attend school or classes and should consult with their GP without delay.