Hinkler returned a yes vote by a slim 50.7% margin with 49.3% voting no.
Hinkler returned a yes vote by a slim 50.7% margin with 49.3% voting no. Lyn McCarthy

Bundy says yes to same-sex marriage ... but only just

UPDATE 11.45AM: The NewsMail gauged the reaction of our state Bundaberg candidates to the same-sex marriage survey result with some happy with the outcome while others were a bit more cagey.

LNP candidate for Bundaberg David Batt said people were stopping him in the street to discuss cost of living, jobs and community safety, not same-sex marriage.

"The only poll I'm focused on is the state election on November 25 and how I can build a better Bundaberg,” Mr Batt said.

Independent candidate for Bundaberg Alan Corbett simply said: " We live in a democracy and the people have spoken.”

UPDATE 11AM: Bundaberg MP Leanne Donaldson says she is delighted with the outcome of the same-sex marriage survey.

"The decision by the majority of Australians as well as the majority of the people in Hinkler, to support marriage equality through their responses to the Turnbull Government's $122 million postal survey should be heeded by the Federal Parliament and their will put into law.”

"Love is love.”

"The PalaszczukGovernment recognised this truth when we restored civil partnership ceremonies, removed by the LNP Government, in Queensland in 2015.

"We didn't require a postal survey to do that.”


PEOPLE of Bundaberg have voted yes for same-sex marriage...but only just.

A breakdown of the historic vote showed a little more than 80,000 people in the Hinkler electorate took part in the voluntary same-sex marriage survey and returned a yes vote by a slim 50.7% margin with 49.3% voting no.

The yes vote here wasn't as emphatic as across the country where most Australians indicated that the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry, with 7,817,247 (61.6%) responding yes and 4,873,987 (38.4%) responding no.

In nearby federal electorates, Flynn had 51.5% voting yes and 48.5% voting no.

Residents in the seat of Wide Bay were more supportive of same-sex marriage voting 55.6% in favour of allowing gay couples to marry and 44.4% voting no.