FIRED UP: Darryl Hampson is upset about the conditions of the fire hydrants in Bundaberg.
FIRED UP: Darryl Hampson is upset about the conditions of the fire hydrants in Bundaberg. Mike Knott BUN270618DARRYL2

Bundy resident fires up at condition of hydrants

BUNDABERG resident Darryl Hampson is concerned about the condition of fire hydrants across the Rum City.

Mr Hampson said he regularly rides his push-bike up and down the streets inspecting the neighbourhood and was shocked by the number of worn hydrants or absent blue markers.

"Either the hydrants are covered by grass or some don't have road markers,” he said.

"What if there is a house fire and the firey's can't access the water?”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service said the hydrants were the responsibility of the local government.

A Bundaberg Regional Council spokeswoman said when it came to maintaining more than 7500 fire hydrants across the region it relied on community feedback or requests from the fire department to identify issues.

In addition to unplanned maintenance the council had two ongoing programs associated with the maintenance and replacement of fire hydrants.

"The first program is an annual fire hydrants testing program to determine if the flow is sufficient for the purpose of firefighting and the second is a hydrant replacement program,” she said.

"Council replaced approximately 200 hydrants in the 2017/18 financial year in addition to performing maintenance activities.”

The spokeswoman said yellow plastic hydrant surrounds had been used for a number of years, which had high visibility and therefore did not require blue markers and this reduce the need for painting maintenance.

"Council allowed $400,000 in the 2018/19 budget which will allow it to increase the annual number of hydrant inspections and ensure there is suitable budget allocation to replace defective hydrants,” she said.

"When road resurfacing works are carried out, depending on the type of resurfacing, the markers are either covered during the work and then uncovered at completion or removed and then reinstated at completion.”