Parking in the Bundaberg CBD.
Parking in the Bundaberg CBD.

Bundy readers reveal their 8 worst spots for parking

Being driven parking mad? Finding a place to park your ride is one of the biggest bugbears among Bundy locals.

We took to Facebook to ask our audience which parking spots they thought were the most difficult in town and the post proved popular with almost 100 comments.

These are the eight parking areas that readers say they find the most exhausting.

Coles Kensington

Readers say it's not the car park, but the drivers who aren't parking well at the shopping complex.

Stockland (Sugarland)

Readers like Jonathon Evans say you're sure to get your car dented every time.

Bundaberg Hospital

"Without a doubt" the worst spot for parking, according to Lisa Marie.

Bourbong St

Many, many readers agree there are parking issues down the main street.

"Bourbong St has been a driving and parking nightmare ever since it was beautified years ago," Gayle Evans said.

"Was far better the way it was before".

The Friendlies

Another hospital in the local region where people say it's tough to get a park.

Woongarra St

Reader Amanda Hausfrau says the newly painted car parks outside the Dorcas Society on Woongarra St are "parking for clown cars".

Bundy High

Readers say too many inconsiderate parents are blocking off other drivers.


Some readers said all parks were equally tricky in Bundy.

Arnold Heidrich was one of them.

"Everywhere in Bundaberg is bad for parking just that some places are worse than others," he said.