HEALTHY FOCUS: Nutritionist Lauren Ree helped the Windmill Cafe at Bargara create its new menu.
HEALTHY FOCUS: Nutritionist Lauren Ree helped the Windmill Cafe at Bargara create its new menu. Paul Beutel

Bundy nutritionist serving up food for thought

WHILE many 18-year-olds spend their weekends partying, Lauren Ree had already started her own business and was teaching others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Now a qualified nutritionist, Lauren always had a passion for health and wellness.

"I was a very active kid, very sporty and loved the outdoors. I competed in every different sport under the sun, from shot put (which is laughable now) to netball and dance and ended up perusing swimming and triathlon competitively, competing at a state level,” she said.

Lauren realised the positive impact living a healthy lifestyle had on overall health and wellness and was on a mission to educate and inspire others to feel the same benefits.

Lauren started a career as a personal trainer in her first year out of high school.

"At the age of 18, while all my friends were out partying, I went against the grain and started my own business in Brisbane as a fitness trainer,” she said.

"I was determined to show people how to live a healthy lifestyle and wanted to hold their hand every step of the way.

"I ran an eight-week outdoor boot camp program, for women, to motivate them and help them get fit and healthy in a fun and happy environment.

"It was really thriving and I loved watching their success.

"Watching clients achieve their goals in the area of fitness was great, but I knew how important nutrition was and I knew I could be doing better.

"I felt like although I was a well educated fitness instructor, a piece of the puzzle was missing.

"I wanted to be able to assist my clients further and give them the full health and nutrition package, and to do that I knew that studying nutrition and dietetic medicine was the next step.”

"I studied a Bachelor of Health Science, Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane and whilst studying I continued with my boot camps. I graduated with Distinction as a Clinical Nutritionist in November last year.”

Nutritionist Lauren Ree and Joey Caruana of the Windmill Cafe.
NEW MENU: Nutritionist Lauren Ree and Joey Caruana of the Windmill Cafe. Paul Beutel

Since moving to Bundy after graduating, Lauren has been empowering locals live a healthier lifestyle and also helped the Windmill Cafe create a new menu.

"Bundy has such a fertile growing environment and we are so lucky to have so much great quality produce,” she said.

"Windmill owner Joey (Caruana) and I began working on the menu in February.

"It has been a very involved and well thought-out process.

"We came up with ideas around what the customers like and also looked at what's trending in the cities and we put our own spin on it.

"I think Bundaberg was really looking for something new and exciting and Joey has taken the leap into developing a menu to give the community what it wants.

"The new menu has now started and the feedback has been really positive.

One of the items on the Windmill's new menu.
POKE BOWL: One of the items on the Windmill's new menu. Paul Beutel

"It is great from a nutrition perspective that we have been able to cater for more individuals who have specific dietary requirements such as gluten and dairy free and there are also more vegetarian and vegan options available.

"There are lots of options for people after that sort of thing such as poke bowls and macro bowls.”

Lauren's ultimate goal is to work with school children and educate them about making informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.

  • A caption in a photo of a woman accompanying an article on the Windmill Cafe's new menu in Saturday's NewsMail was incorrectly identified as Lauren. The NewsMail apologies for this error.