FASHION: Sassy Thamm has created her own fashion label and is excited to get her business off the ground.
FASHION: Sassy Thamm has created her own fashion label and is excited to get her business off the ground.

Bundy girl to launch her own fashion label

AT JUST 11 years old, Sassy Thamm is already making her mark in the fashion world.

Through her own experience as a premature baby, the young entrepreneur said she saw a gap in the industry for a speciality clothing range for slim built teenagers, so she decided to take things into her own hands.

"I created my own clothing business called Twixie Tweens Fashion," she said.

"It's for tweens who are too small to fit into regular clothes so they have to wear little kids' stuff instead.

"I have that same problem."

Sassy's mum Dunja said her daughter's business idea came about when she was just eight years old.

"When Sassy was born, 14 weeks early, she was given a 7% chance to survive.

"As a premmie, she has always been quite slim and often has trouble finding nice clothes that fit her.

"One day she said it would be really nice to have her own business."

Now, Sassy's dream is slowly progressing into reality with the help of a 12-month mentoring program for young Australian entrepreneurs.

Each month, Sassy and other young people go head to head to win monthly challenges as part of the KidzBiz mentorship.

Sassy was picked out of 200 young people.

Her mum, Dunja, said the program had greatly helped her daughter, who was "a very shy and quiet little mouse".

"This month is the second challenge in which they have to get a photo with someone famous," Dunja said.

"It helps build their confidence in talking to people who are inspiring, which can of course be very daunting."

Through the program, Sassy will travel to China next year to further pursue her business plans for Twixie Tweens Fashion.

But first, she said she needed help to get her designs started.

"I need help in making the patterns for my clothing ideas because none of the patterns available are suited to smaller sizes," she said.

Dunja said she was extremely proud of her daughter, who planned to donate some of her profit after Twixie Tweens Fashion was operating.

"Due to the wonderful work and care that was provided at the hospital when Sassy was born, she wants to donate 10% of her business profits back to the Mater Little Miracles Foundation."

If you would like to help Sassy on her business journey, email