BIG HIT: Organiser of the Bundaberg Yoga Festival, Tamar Boas.
BIG HIT: Organiser of the Bundaberg Yoga Festival, Tamar Boas. Brian Cassidy

Bundy gets bendy: Yoga Festival a soaring success

YOGA is an ancient practice of stretching that has grown and adapted into varying forms and styles over hundreds of years.

Today, Bundaberg yoga instructor Tamar Boas held the city's first ever Yoga Festival and was blown away with the turn out.

Ms Boas has been practising the art of yoga for some 20 years, but seeing the results in her own students after becoming an instructor two years ago gave her the drive to spread her knowledge further.

"I've noticed and increasing amount of yoga students in town and I thought it would be great to showcase what we've got,” she said.

"Rather than me travelling to other places all the time for yoga festivals, I decided to have one here in Bundaberg. I wanted more people to experience it in a supportive environment.”

Seven sessions of yoga were held with seven different teachers, all from Bundaberg.

"There are so many teachers with different styles and approaches,” she said.

Today's festival attracted over 60 tickets sales, with 40 to 50 people practising yoga at each session.

"They all enjoyed it very much, we've had lots of great feedback and some really great sessions,” Ms Boas said.

"Yoga is fantastic to help reduce symptoms of stress and stress related illnesses. It switches the body out of fight or flight mode to relax and digest mode.

"It is very beneficial for body and mind... and is also great for improved mobility of joints.

"It was a very successful day.”