FLASH BACK: Di Richardson approaches the tenth green at the Bundaberg Golf Club. Photo: Mike Knott
FLASH BACK: Di Richardson approaches the tenth green at the Bundaberg Golf Club. Photo: Mike Knott

Bundaberg’s golfers take to the course


Date: Wed 26th Aug 2020

Venue: Bundaberg Golf Course

Game: Single Stroke & Putts for 3rd Round of our Club Championships

Winner of today's comp: Mick Harvey 67 nett

1st Runner Up: Gordon Meaney 68 nett on C/B

2nd Runner Up: Col Baldwin 68 nett

Pin Shot: Col Baldwin

Approach Shot: Peter Schoch

Least Putts: Paul Hutchings & Eddy Richardson 26 putts

Best Gross: Paul Hutchings 91 gross

Our next game will be played with the Rockhampton EX ADF Golf Club at the Bundaberg Golf Course on Tuesday 1st September 2020 playing a Single Stableford hitting off between noon and 12 30. We are holding a Sausage Sizzle at 11.30 approx. before we hit off to feed you and the Rocky travellers. Wednesday 2nd September 8 am hit off we will play against the Rocky group for the Rocky Bundy Challenge Shield playing a 2 Person Ambrose and following the game we will hold our Presentations and BBQ at the VVAA Drop-in-Centre with a couple of hundred over the bar to drink out. Thursday 3rd September we will again play at Bundaberg hitting of at 8 am playing a 4 BBB Stableford followed by presentations and a sausage sizzle. Bruce R his round of golf and had 87 gross, nett 64 with 26 putts but his score is not counted in the today comp but will be used as one of his rounds in the club championships and I will handicap myself for this round by loosing 4 shots.




Sunday August 23 open stableford medley won by Mark Haster 37 points ocb from runner-up Leo De-George 37. Consolations W Tapper 36; T Hall, K Nicholls, W Chalmers 34; T Kuskey 33; G Marsden, D Robertson 30; G Hillocks 29; S McGoldrick, D Shield 27; A Portelli 26.

Saturday August 29 final round of Men's 4 BBB Club Championships 2020 sponsored by Ken's Kepnock Butchery, Ken and Sue Barritt, many thanks Ken and Sue from Bundaberg Golf Club and all players. Congratulations to our Men's 4 BBB Champions 2020 Ryan Paul and Matt Doolan with a 36 hole gross score of 136 gross runners-up Thomas Hall Colin Hill 144. 36 hole nett winners Adam Lovett and Simon Gills 125 from runners-up Greg Chandler and Michael Gee 126. Well done all winners.

The daily competition in conjunction was sponsored by Michael and Jo Gee, Donut King Stockland, much appreciated Michael and Jo. Daily winners, Thomas Hall Colin Hill 60 nett, runners-up Ian Webb and Boyd Foster 62 ocb from 2nd runner-up Rod Stephens Peter Cocking 62 ocb. Consolations; N Stitt J Redshaw 62; G Hunt D Hingston 63; W Tapper B Kello, M Doolan R Paul, G Chandler M Gee 64; R Cooke G Winterburn, A Lovett S Gills, A Pashley W Chalmers, S Hartley M Betts, R Chapman T Juillerat, B Gray W Dye, W and T Olsen 65; K Barritt D Wieden, R Zielke T Mooney, B Mackinnon R Ezzy, P Hughes R Price, J Rach M Atherton, F and M Lowe, K Christensen J Berry 66 nett. Approach 5th T Hall 3.14, 13th M Young 2.02 and gardeners golden circle nearest the pin on the 4th T Coates 2.75. Pro's Pinshots, 2nd D Anderson 1.17, K Aslett, A Portelli, R Paul, D Petersen, L Phillips, G Chandler, R Lay 10.30. 4th T Coates 2.75, D Fleming, C Harrison, G Rieck, S Gills, A Portelli 14.05. 8th R Paul 1.93, G Rieck, K McFarlane, C Hill, K Aslett, J Bull, K Scotney 5.78. 14th R Grills 4.50, M Doolan, K Christensen, W Peake, Alan Rayner, W Olsen, M Newman 11.50.

Our annual Ken's Kepnock Butchery 2 person Ambrose was Sunday August 30, lots of players, lots of prizes, very successful day enjoyed by all players. Men's winners Luke Owen A Martens 62 nett runner-up Zac Bainbridge Col Baldwin 62½. Mixed winners Ryan Paul Kate McFarlane 63¼ runners-up Ross and Sue Brandon 66¼. Ladies winners Marion Mobbs Kath Scotney 74¼ runners-up Marian Hemsley Kay Tischler 76½. Non-golfers Will and Tony Barritt 66¾ runners-up C Galt J Barritt 71. Consolations: D Lester J McKewan 62¾; T Hall K Pankhurst 64; K Turner W Chapman 64½; P Batt A Lovett 66¼; Kev Barritt G Tesch 64½; D Black H Anderson 65; A Pisani L Fox 66¼; A Portelli J Muller 66½.

Long drive Ladies K McFarlane and non-golfer B Dowling. Pinshot 2nd G Tesch 2.68, M Pearen, S Jarick 4.86. 4th pinshot L Nilsson 1.25, K Turner, S Martin 3.56. 8th pinshot K Moore 1.75, W Olsen, S Mackay 3.10. 14th pinshot R Grills 3.68, C Galt, A Lovett 6.23. Men's approach 7th M Fleming and Ladies 17th approach M Mobbs.

Competitions this week-end: Saturday September 5 is an open stableford for the Annual Legacy Charity Golf Day.

Bundaberg sporters

Thursday sporters won by Peter Hutchieson 36 points ocb from runner-up Robert Ephraims 36. Consolations; K Thompson, P Ryan, R Balhorn 35; B Ives, S Hartley, Giles, M Haster 34; C Lutz, J Redshaw, M Janke 33; R Stitt, B Mackinnon, S Olive, L Fox, D Obst 32; S Bretag 31; C Gibbons, P Cocking, R Brandon, M Perks, C Daye, D Cartwright, I Webb, D Shaw, K Fourro 30; D Turner, B McDonell 29. Pinshots, 2nd M Haster 5.88; 4th S Sergiacomi 2.15, G Hay 2.34; 8th M Janke 2.15, C Daye 2.79; 14th M Doolan 3.60, K Stoddart 5.23.

Thursday September 3 is a stroke.

Bundaberg veterans

Tuesday August 25 Patroness Jean Davis Golf day, in conjunction Perc Bamsey Memorial Golf Day. Many thanks Jean from all players. Men's winner Keith Stoddart 44 points runner-up Peter Menzies 39 and Ladies Vicki Gray 37 runner-up Sue Brandon 36. Men's consolations R Maudsley, B Stewart, R Balhorn 37; W Dye, P Busch, P Hughes 36; Kenn Brown 35; G McCracken, L O'Shanesy, P Parry 34; B Druitt, D Shaw 33; A Gray, R Ezzy 32. Ladies consolations, P Teiniker, K Thompson, P Dowling, D Crowley 35; S Jarrett, M Magnusson 34; C Wright 33. Men's pinshots, 4th D Jackson 6.91, R Maudsley 8.00;. 14th B Stewart 7.88, D Hingston 14.00. Men's 17th approach B Mackinnon, G McCracken in the hole, B Stewart, P Busch, R Balhorn, A Gray, L O'Shanesy, G Loveday, L Killer, P Hughes 3.64. Ladies approaches, 4th C Harrison in the hole, V Mitchell, D Searle, B Dummer, M Newman, C Wright, M Price, V Gray 2.02; 8th C Wright 0.38, S Brandon 0.79; 17th M Newman in the hole, S Jarrett 0.08.

Tuesday September 1 stableford trophies donated by Averil Chalmers. Bundaberg Veterans Spring Carnival on Sunday and Monday September 6 and 7. Welcome to all players.

Bundaberg women

The final round of the Ladies 4 BBB Championships sponsored again this year by Kath Scotney and Sue Busch, much appreciated by all players. Our 4 BBB champions 2020 congratulations to Judy Gibbs and Linda Phillips 160, well done champions. 36 hole Nett winners Linda Finsen and Cathy Harrison 125 and runners-up gross Miriam Newman and Averil Chalmers 163.

The daily competition was sponsored by Jo and Michael Gee, Donut King, Stockland, many thanks for your continued support. Daily winners Linda Finsen and Cathy Harrison 59 nett runners-up Kath Scotney and Rose Lay 64. Consolations A Chalmers M Newman, D Crowley S Brandon, H Davies H Hannah 65; D Jorgensen C Wooldridge 66; P Teiniker V Mitchell, M Hemsley K Tischler 67.

Approach 14th div. 1 Annabel Harris (V) 0.60, D Fleming and the 17th J Davis 0.50, C Wright.

Competitions this week-end: Saturday September 5 is an open stableford for the Annual Legacy Charity Golf Day. Bundaberg Veterans Spring Carnival on Sunday and Monday September 6 and 7. Welcome to all players.




Results for Wednesday 26th of August.

28 Members played a Single Stableford event at Bundaberg Golf Course.

Winner was; Chris Gilfoyle with 43.

1st Runner-up: Bevan Tanner with 40 .

2nd Runner-up: Russell Ezzy with 38.

3rd Runner-up: Mike Dunning with 37.

4th Runners-up: Nev Brauer, Mick Cole and Ian Webb, all with 36.

Nearest the Pins:

Hole No. 4:- Sharon Rushton.

Hole No. 8:- Wayne Dye.

Hole No. 14:- Kevin Christensen.

Hole No. 17:- N/A.

Approach:- Rod MacInnes.

This week the 2nd of September, the Club will be playing a Stroke and Putt/Monthly Medal/and the 3rd round of Matchplay at Bundaberg Golf Course.

This will be followed by the AGM and pizzas.

Members are requested to register by 7:00am for a 7:30am Tee off.

Coral Sea Golf Club is a mixed social group and invites all players whether new, returning, or looking for a less competitive game, to join us. No AGU required. Visitors are most welcome. Please contact the Club Captain: Kevin Christensen on 0402 548 178 for more information.





18 Hole Stroke event played on Tuesday 25th August, 2020

Winner: Joe Gough 70

Rundown Wally Chillcott, John Morris 70

Other Scores: Gary Kraatz 71, Len Josey 72, Adrian Porter 75, Bob Ross, Bob Materna, Len Shield 77, Wayne Digby 78, Luke Fullerton 82, Wes Young 110

Pin shot 7and 16: Gary Kraatz

Approach Shot 4 and 13: Wayne Digby

Approach Shot 2 and 11: Joe Gough

Approach Shot 3 and 12: Adrian Porter

Least Putts John Morris 29

Long Putt: Wes Young


Results from Bogey event on Saturday 29th August, 2020

Winner: Tracy Kuskey +5

Other Scores; Wayne Digby, Drew Kitt sq, Paul Shyhun -1, Scott Lucas, David Travis -2, Geoff Brandon, Rick Stehbens -3, Jason Shield, Alan Porter -4, Paul Stehbens, David Doyle -5, Bob Materna -7

Pin Shot 7 and 16: David Doyle 2.0

Pin Shot 8 and 17: Rich Stehbens 1.7

Long Putt: David Doyle

Up coming events:

Saturday 5th September, 2020 4B Aggregate Stroke - Draw After

Friday 11th September, 2020 - 19th Hole BBQ Night - Bookings required

Saturday 12th September, 2020 - Stroke - Monthly Medal and Guzzlers Mug

Saturday 19th September - Ross McCarthy Memorial Day - 2 person Ambrose

Sunday 20th September, 2020: Mt Perry Mens and Ladies Open Day and Wide Bay Sand Green Championships




Notes August 30th , 2020

Competitions coming up:

Tuesday, September 1st, Vets' Single Stableford, Hit Off 12:00 noon

Thursday, September 3rd, Ladies' Single Stroke, Hit Off 8:30 a.m.

Saturday, September 5th, Single Stroke, Hit Off 12:30 p.m.

Weekly competition results

Tuesday, August 25 th, Vets' Single Stroke

Division 1

Winner Phil Luckett 68 nett

Runner Up Nigel Radin 69 nett

Third Mark Williams 70 nett

Division 2

Winner Harry Zawacki 68 nett

Runner Up Ken Albion 72 nett C/B

Third Chris Fitzsimons 72 nett

Chook Run Winners

1. Phil Luckett 28 nett

2. Nigel Radin 29 nett

3. Mark Williams 31 nett

Thursday, August 20th, Ladies' Mulligan Stableford

Winner Pat Sheppard 43 points

Runner Up Coralie Volgyesi 38 points C/B

Third Joan Wright 38 points

Fourth Trish Jensen 35 points

Fifth Chris Simpson 34 points

Sixth Ellen Black 14 points

Saturday, August 29th, 4 BBB Stroke

Single Division

Winners Niel Rieck/Merryn Henke 60 nett C/B

Runners Up Roger Draper/Ivan Philpott 60 nett

Third Peter Hrelja/Kieth Rule 62 nett

Fourth Larry Pershouse/Kerry Schnack 63 nett

Fifth Chris Simpson/Michael Stanton 64 nett C/B