Bundaberg man denies brutal murder on Gold Coast

A BUNDABERG man has pleaded not guilty to a brutal 2001 murder on the Gold Coast.

In the first day of a trial that could go for up to two weeks Bundaberg man Shane Anthony Eric Hansen and Dean Mark Wills pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to the murder of Gold Coast man Darren John Britza.

The court heard Mr Britza, a drug addict and thief, was bashed and stabbed repeatedly in an industrial complex in Southport in March 2001. His body was wrapped in a sheet and a blue tarpaulin and buried under the Canungra Creek Bridge in the Gold Coast hinterland.

It was not found until 2008 when two fishermen found Mr Britza's corpse.

Mr Hansen and Mr Wills deny they were involved in the murder - claiming two other men must have carried it out.

Witness Paul Dewer said he was running a Gold Coast panel beating shop as a front for a drug operation out of the industrial unit where Mr Britza was killed.

He said on the night he saw a white Holden Commodore station wagon speed up to his shed and two men get out. When he heard the sounds of a fight he walked to where they were and saw the men dragging Mr Britza by the feet towards the car.

Mr Dewer said Mr Britza's face had been "punched in" and looked "disfigured. He said he then saw one of the men make a "stabbing motion" into Mr Britza's body - but admitted he did not see a knife.

The men wrapped Mr Britza in a blue tarp, placed him in the car and drove away.

In cross-examination Mr Dewer admitted he had lied under oath to protect himself as he had been a suspect in the murder. He said police had given his drug operations immunity in exchange for testimony.

Mr Dewer admitted in the days after the murder he had taken Mr Britza's car into bushland and burnt it. He and his drug-affected workers had cleaned up the blood from the crime and allowed a professional "clean up man" to finish the job.

He said Mr Britza would pay for drugs with stolen goods - which he would often steal back and try and sell back or sell to other dealers. He said he was struggling with debts to a bikie gang due to people like Mr Britza ripping him off.

The trial is expected to continue into next week. - APN NEWSDESK