FUTURE BUNDABERG: The changing face of our region

BUNDABERG'S ethnicity is changing.

According to the 2016 Census data the whole of the Wide Bay was losing Europeans and gaining Asians.

The data shows Wide Bay has had a growth in people from Malaysia compared to the rest of the country.

The Malaysian population had a growth of 19 per cent in Australia totalling 138,363 people.

A growth of 19 per cent across the country, 37 per cent in Wide Bay and 44 per cent in Bundaberg.

Looking at Bundaberg in particular the five year change from 2011 saw less people living here from England (-5.2%), Italy (-5.6%), Scotland (-9.4%) and Germany (-15%) had dropped.

Neighbouring region Fraser Coast had a growth in all ethnicities except Scottish (-12%) and Sri Lankan (-15%).

While Bundaberg had growth in people from China which was up 46 per cent and Malaysia which was up 44 per cent.

But both of these were pipped by India which saw a growth of 56 per cent in the Rum City.

Fraser Coast's biggest ethnic growth was by the Chinese which grew by 40 per cent.

Yesterday we looked at the rise and fall of religion according to this data and saw beside a growth with no religion, there was also a large rise in Hinduism and Buddhism which would reflect the ethnicity trend.