Bundaberg court rounds

Driver off the road for two years

DRIVER Travis Teske is now off the road for two years after police caught him driving despite being disqualified by a court.

His six months disqualification has now gone to two years.

Teske was fined $750 after pleading guilty in a Bundaberg court to unlicensed driving when disqualified by court order on April 2.

Prosecutor Sen Const Andrew Blunt said Teske was intercepted at 7.15pm but told police he did not have his licence on him.

Checks revealed he was disqualified on February 9 for six months.

The court heard Teske needed a licence to drive his partner to medical appointments.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin told Teske it was a very serious offence "to drive in defiance of a court order", and he could not apply for a special restricted licence.

Drug driver 

"I DID the wrong thing. I'm not going to talk my way out of it," convicted drug driver Michael Seymour told a Bundaberg magistrate.

Seymour pleaded guilty to driving when a relevant drug was present in his saliva/blood on April 26 - methamphetamine and marijuana.

Seymour said he was in charge of tomato pickers and struggling to pay off his mortgage, saying "I just hope you can be lenient".

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said she was unable to give him his licence and noted prior offences on his record, reminding him that he had been in court just two days before the new offence.

Seymour was fined $500 and disqualified for one month.

Moped a no goer

TEENAGER Kirby Dukes held a Learner permit to drive a car when police came across him riding a small motorbike on a road at Bargara.

Dukes,18, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to driving unlicensed on April 22.

"He says he thought he could ride a bike on that" (Learner licence), prosecutor Sen Const Andrew Blunt said.

"It wasn't a bike it was a moped," Dukes said when leaving the court.

He was fined $150 with no disqualification.

Drink drive

DRIVER Adam Gallo was fined $400 and disqualified for one month after he pleaded guilty in a Bundaberg Magistrates Court to drink driving on April 8.

He had an alcohol reading of 0.095.

Police prosecution said he was stopped by officers for an RBT at 8.50pm in Agnes Water.

Meth driver

Shelley-Marie Dooley was fined $400 after pleading guilty to drug driving- methylamphetamine on April 16.

Police prosecution told Bundaberg Magistrates Court that Dooley was stopped at 12.10 am for a random drug test.
She was also disqualified for one month.