Bundaberg: 'cheapest fuel in regional Qld'

BUNDABERG residents are enjoying the cheapest fuel prices in regional Queensland, according to the RACQ. 

While prices remain about 20 cents a litre higher than petrol in the state's south-eastern corner - where fuel fell to about $1 a litre for the first time in years today - Renee Smith from RACQ said people in Bundy have been spared some bowser pain. 

"Bundaberg is cheap largely due to a reasonably competitive ULP market," Ms Smith said.

"The current average is 120.7 cents per litre and there is range of prices - indicating a high level of competition.

"The majority of sites (58%) are selling ULP for 117.9 cents per litre. The remaining 38% are selling ULP in range of 119.9 to 124.9 cents per litre."

That means if your service station is charging more than $1.17 you could have saved some coin by shopping around. 

In terms of how much fuel stations are making when you fill up your tank Ms Smith said their cut was about 6.5 cents a litre.