Chris Pashley talks about Australia Day 2016

Free to fly the flag

BUNDABERG born and bred Chris Pashley is ready for Australia Day. He proudly flies the Australian flag at any opportunity.

A University of Western Australia study of 513 people found a link between people who fly the flag on their car and racist attitudes.

Mr Pashley doesn't agree and says he proudly flies a number of Australian flags as well as decorating his entire front yard in the style of the patriotic symbol.

He said it was the Aussie way of life to celebrate.

"It's a free country and no matter where you come from or what your religion is, you should be free to do whatever you like - it doesn't hurt anyone."

Mr Pashley took to setting up his extravagant Australia Day display after Christmas and doesn't see it to be in any way racist.

"I think people should do it for Australia Day," he said.

"It adds a bit of appeal for the day and shows we are proud to be Australians."

He said Australia Day was about doing all things Australian and making the most of our climate.

"It's about being proud and happy to be in Australia with the freedom we have," Mr Pashley said.

"Hopefully it will be a nice day and we will head down the beach and have a barbecue."

Mr Pashley said he did fly flags on his car until he lost one and would happily do it again without hesitation.