Greg Thamm is angry the builder of his house at Bald Knob has gone into liquidation.
Greg Thamm is angry the builder of his house at Bald Knob has gone into liquidation. Warren Lynam

Builder collapse: Long road back from new home nightmare

AN INFLUX of support is giving Greg Thamm strength as he figures out how to turn his new home nightmare back into a dream reality.

Mr Thamm was one of two Coast homeowners left with incomplete builds by the collapse of Maroochydore-based builder Lusso Concepts.

He said those closest to him had been aware over the past few months of his distress at the gradual capitulation of the build but many more friends, family and co-workers had come forward since news broke yesterday of his builder's liquidation.

"It's not that I need anything physical or worldly - it is just having support," Mr Thamm said.

"It's given me the strength to carry on and just get this thing finished."

Pelican Waters builder Travis Delarue reached out to offer help after reading about Mr Thamm's plight.

"We've sort of been through the receiving end with that sort of thing before," Mr Delarue said.

"I know how frustrating it is."

He said he would like to take over the builds once Lusso Concepts were removed from the contracts.

Mr Thamm said speaking with another affected owner as well as sub-contractors left unpaid had also been beneficial.

"We have swapped stories and know what is going on.

"It is clear from all of this we the house owners have paid all of this money and it hasn't been used to pay the sub-contractors so where is it?"

He said he had a better understanding of the process he now had to follow and said while he thought it was unfair and lengthy, he appreciated that at least it was clear.

"It just seems to all of us there is too much protection for the builder.

"My concern is for the subbies."

He said it appeared they had a much more difficult task ahead of them to recoup their losses.

"Things need to change."