BUDGY TROUBLE: Pensioner found with meth in his undies

A disability support pensioner who was found with methamphetamines in his underwear has pleaded with a magistrate to return his mate's confiscated antique knife.

Wayne Charles Roberts, 58, was seen by police parking ­outside a house on Douglas and Chandler streets in ­Garbutt on April 5 this year.

The Townsville Magistrates Court heard Roberts' "nervous manner" caught the attention of police.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Felicity Nalder told the court Roberts was subsequently detained for a search.

"As police started to search the vehicle, the defendant ­declared there was a knife in the front console and it belonged to a mate and he had not returned it," she said.

"Police located inside his underwear a small clip seal bag containing another clip seal bag containing a small ­crystal substance weighing about 1g."

Snr Sgt Nalder said the knife had an 8cm blade and was designed to be opened using one hand.

Roberts pleaded guilty to one count of possessing dangerous drugs and one count of unlawful possession of weapons category A, B or M.

The court heard it had been 20 years since Roberts' last ­offence.

Defence lawyer Helen ­Armitage told the court her ­client was on a disability ­pension and the owner of the knife was present in court.

"My client's friend had left the knife in the car when they went shopping and it just kept escaping his mind," she said.

"In terms of the drug item, he says it is not a regular ­activity for him."

Ms Armitage asked the court to return the knife to its legal owner and said the knife was of collector's value.

Snr Sgt Nalder explained as it was a category M weapon, the knife could not be returned without a permit and asked the item to be forfeited.

Magistrate Cathy Wadley fined Roberts $200, with no convictions recorded.

She ordered the knife to be forfeited.

Originally published as BUDGY TROUBLE: Pensioner found with meth in his undies