The burglars entered with hoods tightly drawn
The burglars entered with hoods tightly drawn Pxhere/File

Brutal home invasion: 'Why are you doing this to me?'

A SINISTER home invasion targeting an innocent man was blamed on fears of "hitmen" chasing drug debts.

Carl John Simmons and two other people went to a home near Stanthorpe one night in March 2015.

A man Simmons had known for 15 years lived there.

On Friday, Brisbane District Court was told the resident heard a sliding door open then saw three figures with torches walk through the door.

Prosecutor Julie Aylward said the resident and his girlfriend were terrorised.

The trio demanded money, threatening to sever the man's fingers with a tomahawk.

The resident recognised the voice of Simmons, 32.

"Is that Carl? Why are you doing this to me?" he asked.

"Who the f---'s Carl? Just remember BFFB," one attacker replied.

The resident asked what that meant. The reply was "Bandidos, c---."

The term meant "Bandidos forever, forever Bandidos" but the court heard no evidence the motorcycle club was involved in the attack.

The offenders punched, kicked and restrained the resident.

"He felt one foot leave his body to be replaced by another foot," Ms Aylward said.

Valuables including phones were stolen but police investigated using a "find my phone" app.

Simmons was arrested but other attackers weren't identified.

Defence counsel Jessica Goldie said Simmons owed $5000 to a drug boss who sent "hitmen" to threaten him.

She said the Brisbane hitmen were "tracing him back to Stanthorpe" and Simmons was desperate for money.

Ms Goldie said Simmons turned to drugs after his pregnant girlfriend died in a car crash about a decade ago.

Simmons initially denied wrongdoing. But shortly before a trial was to start in Warwick, he pleaded guilty to charges including burglary at night while armed in company.

He also pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert justice after calling a witness and warning: "You best not get out of bed this morning because dogs go missing."

Judge Paul Smith said he was seeing several examples lately of drug debts leading to violent home invasions targeting innocent victims.

Simmons was sentenced to six years jail with parole eligibility on July 7, 2020. -NewsRegional