Kevin Walters heads to his Broncos interview. Photo: Annette Dew
Kevin Walters heads to his Broncos interview. Photo: Annette Dew

BRONCOS COACH: Why Walters is the best man for the job

So the Broncos have finally woken up and appointed ex player Kevin Walters as coach for 2021.

Kevvie, as he is known to most Queenslanders, is even more a Bronco than Buck the four legged mascot, he was born one and was a superb player who won six premiership rings the first with the Canberra Raiders and five more all with the Broncos.

This man just breathes Rugby League and has as brothers two of the very best hookers the game has ever seen.

One could be forgiven for believing that Rugby League was invented for this family to play.

Kevan's appointment to coach the ailing club in 2021 was seen by many as a forgone conclusion that should have been implemented two years earlier when Wayne Bennett left but was overlooked by the board who sadly appointed Anthony Seibold in lieu of him.

We move on with the 2020 club as low as you can go by losing 17 games out of 20, they are basically a rabble that has forgotten what the club is all about when it comes to pride in the jumper.

So who better to knit the team together and restore it to the greatness that it once had.

What player could not respect the playing credentials of a six-time winner of premierships and is the current coach of the Queensland State of Origin team, if that player could not respect that heritage he should not be playing our game.

The existing board seem too have lost sight of what the club is about and tried to turn it into a money machine rather than a football club.

This board does not seem to believe that they were responsible for the losing state that it is presently in.

They should be reminded that it was they who appointed Anthony Seibold on a five year contract that was terminated after not quite two years at a great cost.

It was the same board who made the statement that his interview with them was superb, now I ask you does a great interview make a great coach? The proven answer to that is no.

The board then interviews both Kevvie and Paul Green who is the recently sacked coach of the Cowboys.

It turns out that Paul Green has a great interview and an unknown group of directors falls for the interview trick again and pushes for Paul Green to be coach.

They also add in the fact that Kevin Walters has never coached a N.R.L. team and that Paul Green has also won a premiership.

They totally ignored that it was won on a field goal after a Bronco player dropped the ball from kick off to restart play.

It also makes one ask the question if he was so good why did the Cowboys sack him? Whether this type of research was carried out one will never know.

This group conveniently ignores all of the internal problems of the team with respect to pride in the club and its colours and pushes its solution.

Fortunately their solution fails and sanity prevails with the Walters appointment.

The other positive that comes along for the ride is the return to the club of all of the old legends.

This group have been critical of the way the club has been run when money was the paramount goal.

The really unfortunate part in respect to Kevan's appointment is that the dissent at board level means that Kevin knows that he does not have the full support of management and that he has to watch his back as the stabbers will come with any minor issue or problem.

This is not a good scenario for a club in rebuild stage.

News Corp are the largest shareholder and surely someone with clout there will become involved by restructuring the board and replace any director who acts in a harmful way with a true Rugby League person as was the case 10 or so years ago.

Then and only then will the Broncos become what they were and Kevin, we all know that you can do it.

Robert Henderson, Sharon