Bridezilla mocked for strict list of wedding rules

A stunningly strict list of alleged "rules and regulations" for one couple's nuptials has gone viral on Reddit, leaving many wondering why anyone would want to attend such a humourless event.

On Sept. 20, Redditor Laika_cat posted the image of an email allegedly sent by the "wedding co-ordinator" of the upcoming ceremony, which included stipulations such as "kindly refrain from upstaging the bride on her big day - oh, and no admission without a gift of $75 or more."

The post has since earned over 10,000 points on Reddit and sparked 1,160 heated comments, many critical of the rules that were outlined in the message.

"Please arrive 15-30 minutes early. Please DO NOT wear white, cream, or ivory. Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail. Please do not [have] a full face of makeup," the list begins.

The rules have been lampooned on social media.
The rules have been lampooned on social media.

"Do not record during the ceremony. Do not check in on [Facebook] until instructed. Use #[Wedding hashtag] when posting all pictures."

"DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL," it continues.

"Lastly you must come with gift $75 or more or you won't be admitted," the list concludes.

Naturally, Redditors had a field day roasting the pretentious demands, which many suspected to be sourced from the bride herself.

"Wow, that might be some of the tackiest sh*t I have ever seen," one person wrote.

Another said: "I would show up disobeying all of these rules just to spite the delusional bride."