Bride-to-be loses it over niece's outfit for her wedding

A bride was left horrified when he in-laws proudly presented her niece's outfit for her wedding -  a Captain Marvel superhero costume.

And it's sparked a fierce debate on the Wedding Shaming Facebook group, after one woman asked: "How did someone think this is okay ????"

She posted a screenshot of the bride's original message, which explained: "Was at the soon to be in-laws today and they chose this dress for my fiance's niece.

"I told them to keep shopping. Do people really not understand what to wear for weddings?"

A bride has freaked out after her in-laws suggested her niece wear a superhero costume to her wedding
A bride has freaked out after her in-laws suggested her niece wear a superhero costume to her wedding Facebook

Commenting on the thread, one woman asked: "Who cares what a CHILD wears. A f***ing kid isn't gonna upstage you and at least she isn't wearing jeans? Damn."

Another woman added: "Oh My, that dress is so cute. If she is not in the wedding, what do you care?"

And one mum admitted: "Their decision to let their kid wear this probably has nothing to do with it being acceptable wedding attire.

"just be honest with the world and say 'I've got three kids under five and I'm tired. I don't have the energy to argue with a toddler about this dress'.

"Gotta pick your battles, and I'm taking the fact that its a dress and not a plastic incredible hulk mask and juice-stained pajamas as a win'."

But others agreed that the outfit was totally wrong for a wedding.

One woman said: "If it's a formal wedding then this is not appropriate wedding attire. #sorrynotsorry".

While a second commented: "Unless it's a themed wedding, costumes are unacceptable to wear.

"Point blank. Ages 0-100 you dress appropriately for the event FFS people."

And a third added: "That shiny material is horrid. So tacky for a wedding".

Another woman said: "It's a nice dress, they might be a child but its still not appropriate for a wedding.

"It's really that easy to get a cute cheap dress that isn't a f***ing costume for a formal occasion.

"If they wanted the guests to dress up as superheroes its different. Listen to the bride.

"If she doesn't want people to wear costumes at her wedding she should be allowed to enforce that rule. It's her special day."

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with full permission.