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Breasts, botox latest ‘must-haves'

MACKAY is fast becoming the boob job and botox capital of Australia, with out-of-town surgeons taking advantage of the scores of women wanting to literally lift their self-confidence.

But it’s not just women looking for enhancement; our men are also paying for procedures to smooth their face and reduce their “man boobs”.

Elizabeth McIntosh runs health and well-being seminars along with husband Dr John McIntosh and says breast augmentation is “very prevalent” in Mackay with women paying about $10,000 depending on the difficulty of the procedure.

“It’s very popular. I think it’s because of the buoyancy of the economy in Mackay and the availability to just have a chat then to get it done straight away,” Mrs McIntosh said.

“It’s also that more women seem to have the time, whether they’re not working being supported by their husbands and can afford to take time off to recover after surgery.”

Mrs McIntosh believed one of the allures of breast enhancement was that it was “instant gratification” and catered to the modern mantra of wanting things now.

“People are very body conscious – with (TV shows) like 10 Years in 10 Days and The Biggest Loser, there’s a lot of stuff about body image out there which lets people focus on what they can improve,” she said.

The Mackay mum has seen an increase in visiting surgeons making appointments in Mackay to keep up with the demand.

“The doctors are very good and fast – they do one after the other after the other,” Mrs McIntosh said.

“They know there’s money in Mackay so they make the effort to come to town every now and then and do them – many have their suites set up in the hospital.”

Mrs McIntosh said people would be surprised at the number of residents walking among them who have had work done.

“There’s a lot of people who you’d never know they’ve had breast augmentation or fillers or Botox as it’s an industry a lot of people don’t like to talk about a lot,” she said.

“Mackay is so like that, very few people are open to say ‘yeah I’ve had this done’.”

For Dr McIntosh, the increase in male patients undergoing cosmetic surgery has been obvious during the past five years.

“Ten years ago not many men had their hair highlighted but that’s happening now, as they’re becoming more conscious of their appearance they’re now thinking they’d rather not have lines and look 10 years younger.”

Dr McIntosh said one of the appeals of cosmetic work for men was how cheap it had become.

“Botox seems to be the most common one as it’s simple and quick – to have an area treated costs about $300 with a single treatment lasting four months,” he said.