Multiple police officers are on scene at a reported shooting in Rangewood. Picture: Jacob Miley
Multiple police officers are on scene at a reported shooting in Rangewood. Picture: Jacob Miley

Woman shot in face, three injured

A TRADIE has told of how he and his boss ran to assist a lady shot in the face after hearing screams for help before being set upon by her attacker.

The tradie, who was working on nearby property, said he and his boss heard a man, who he believed to be the woman's husband, calling for help earlier this morning.

UPDATE: Police reveal reason behind violent shooting

When they ran to help they were set upon by another man.

"We heard it (screams) for about five minutes," he said.

"We ran over there.

"We ran in (the driveway) and we could see her under the car. (We) sprinted straight to the car and tried lifting."

It was at that point the attacker approached his boss and struck him in the head with a hammer, the tradie said.

"We could hear (the screams) for a while. We just thought it might have been kids screaming. Lucky we got there in time," he said.

"There was blood everywhere. Blood all over the car, blood all over the ground."

"The gun was under the car. Which I didn't know it was there, we had no idea there was a gun. It couldn't have been worse."

The tradie said the man, believed to be the woman's husband, was also attacked.

He said the man had a "few bust ups" and was shaken up.

Queensland Ambulance Service Senior Operations Supervisor Tony Kirkham said four patients were assessed at the scene.

"We transported three people to Townsville Hospital, one of whom, was in a serious condition. The other two had non-life threatening injures," Mr Kirkham said.

"The people involved were around about 40-45 years of age, but that would be an approximation.

"It obviously had been a chaotic scene and quite distressing (but) by the time we arrived, it was well under control."

Dozens of police officers have swarmed the scene of the shooting.

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto said he was "extremely concerned" to hear of the shooting.

"My thoughts and prayers are with those injured and I wish them all a speedy recovery," he said.

"I commend police for their efforts in bringing this very serious situation under control in a timely manner."