Jaime-Lee Peters captured this image tonight.
Jaime-Lee Peters captured this image tonight.

PHOTOS: Fireys contain 30-40m blaze near Aldi grocery store

UPDATE 9.20PM: Bundaberg firefighters have given details on the fire that caused Bundaberg residents to question the sudden smell of smoke in the air. 

A Queensland Fire and Rescue Service spokesman told the NewsMail that it wasn't known what caused the blaze, which spread about 30-40 metres.

"There is no apparent cause for the ignition source," he said. 

He said the fire burned on the high bed at the rear of the Aldi carpark at Johnston St.

Firefighters contained the blaze in good time, using two high-pressure fire hoses to tackle it.

EARLIER: A fire has broken out near the Aldi at Avoca. 

Witnesses have so far shared images of the unfolding event. 

It is not yet clear where the fire is exactly, or the cause.

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