Lifeguard Jacob Crothers at Nielson Park Beach.
Lifeguard Jacob Crothers at Nielson Park Beach. Mike Knott BUN260918JACOB1

INCREDIBLE SAVE: Rookie lifeguard rescues three kids in rip

A TEENAGER in his first season of lifeguarding has made an incredible save, rescuing three young boys who were swept out to sea by a rip simultaneously.

What started out as just another day of school holidays at Nielson Park Beach quickly escalated for Jacob Crothers yesterday morning.

The 18-year-old lifeguard was busy patrolling the popular spot when three boys - a 10, 12 and thirteen-year-old, were swept out to sea by a strong rip.

"He was watching them and asked them to come back in and then he saw a hand go up," Life Saving Services coordinator for Wide Bay Capricorn Julie Davis said.

"Jacob said they'd all been inside the flags. But there was a strong wind and it was quite choppy. Then they got caught in the rip and got swept out of the flags."

Jacob Crothers, St Luke's Anglican School
Jacob Crothers, 2017.

Ms Davis said the rip was located at the southern end of the Nielson Park Beach.

Jacob was able to rescue all three boys from the swell at the same time.

"He turned his board around longways so that the three kids were all able to hang onto the side," Ms Davis said.

"This is Jacob's first season as a lifeguard, so I'm really impressed."

Ms Davis said Jacob had been checked in on and that he was "doing fine".

He didn't want to speak to media about his heroic rescue and referred the NewsMail to the Wide Bay Capricorn office.

While all three boys were considerably shaken up after the frightening ordeal, none suffered any injuries.

"Jacob said they were fine. A little upset understandably from being caught in the rip, but they didn't require any oxygen or medical attention," Ms Davis said.

During the school holidays, lifeguards will be present at patrolled Bundaberg region beaches from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and until 1pm on Saturdays.