Heath’s face lit up at Boy George’s praise.
Heath’s face lit up at Boy George’s praise. Channel 9

Boy George gives incredible gift to rejected Qld singer

LAST night's showstopper moment on The Voice wasn't a performance - it was a gesture.

On Monday night's episode, 17-year-old country-singing Queenslander Heath Milner belted out Much Too Young by Garth Brooks, but didn't manage to turn a single chair.

But after Seal told the teenager he "wasn't special enough" to earn a spot on his team, his fellow judge Boy George stepped in.

"I think that what's great about you is that you're the real deal," the British singer told him. "You've found something that you love. You're wearing it. You're living it. You're breathing it. That's amazing."

He then suggested Milner head over to the country capital of the world - Nashville - to cultivate his talent.

"If you go to Nashville, you'll work with people that also love what you do and you'll be bathed in love," George said. "I would definitely talk to Dad and Mum and get that ticket."

However, moments later he decided to sort it out himself.

"Maybe I'll pay for your ticket to Nashville ... in fact, I will pay for your ticket to Nashville!"

Unsurprisingly, the audience erupted into cheers, with Heath's parents rushing to the stage to thank the UK star personally.

Amid the ruckus, Kelly Rowland shouted what everyone was thinking: "I love Boy George!"

You can watch the heartwarming moment for yourself below.

Meanwhile, fans quickly took to Twitter to praise the star.