A snapshot of his son's culinary tastes. Picture: Twitter @Gareth_Davies09
A snapshot of his son's culinary tastes. Picture: Twitter @Gareth_Davies09

Boy, 4, buys $869 worth of snacks

A four-year-old boy in the UK has attempted to buy £451.27 ($A869) worth of snacks before his plan was thwarted by his parents.

His father, Gareth Davies, shared the hilarious story on Twitter that included a full list of his son's panic-buy essentials.

"My 4-year-old nearly caused national food shortage this morning. Got hold of mum's phone while she slept and ordered 990 mini Peperamis, and a combined 1200 Bakewell tarts and Fab ice lollies from Tesco. Total order £451.27. Even booked a delivery slot," Mr Davies posted.

Surprisingly, UK grocery chain Tesco allowed the order before Mr Davies intervened.

The boy's shop, however, wasn't all biscuits and snacks. The four-year-old also added in some pantry items and fresh produce - specifically, 184 oranges, 11 packs of pine nuts, 24 rashes of bacon, a pack of strawberries and a bunch of bananas. Curiously, his haul also included two cans of deodorant.

The full list included:

  • 990 mini Peperamis
  • 120 Viennese Whirls
  • 594 Bakewells
  • 594 Fabs
  • 184 Oranges
  • 11 packs of pine nuts
  • 24 rashers of bacon
  • 24 Cumberland sausages
  • 2 cans of deodorant
  • 2 packs of Frubes
  • 36 packs of Mini Cheddars
  • 8 fishcakes
  • A pack of strawberries
  • A bunch of bananas

When questioned by his parents as to why he made the purchase, he replied: "I wanted to have more food than everyone else."

"I told him we didn't have quite enough money to spend £450 ($A866) on food and he said that was fine because he had some, and proceeded to pull 14p ($A0.27) from his pocket," Mr Davies tweeted.

The makers of Peperamis (a wrapped sausage snack) even reached out to Mr Davies on Twitter, offering to send the family a "care package".

"To the Mini-Meathead who tried to order 990 Peperamis(!!!). Let me just say, you've got GREAT taste!!" wrote a spokesperson for the brand, pretending to be the "Peperami Animal".

"I really appreciate how much of a loyal meathead you are … but you need to leave some Peperami for the rest of us mate! How are the rest of the UK supposed to get their meaty treats?!

"I'm sending you a big care package of Peperami, so you and the rest of your family don't have to worry about running out and trying to empty your local Tesco again!!"

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