Boy, 10, girl, 13, trash Toowoomba school - twice

TAXPAYERS will be slugged with the damage bill after two children trashed a Toowoomba school at the weekend.

The two offenders - a boy, 10, and girl, 13, - smashed windows and stole confectionery from Darling Heights State School overnight Friday.

They were picked up by police on Saturday when they were found in possession of several items stolen from the school premises.

While the Department of Education described the damage as a "minor vandalism incident", it is understood the two juveniles smashed windows of the school's staff and administration building, rifled through the medical room cupboards, and stole lollies and soft-drinks.

Ice-blocks were also stolen.

The total cost of the damage was not immediately clear.

The pair was also linked to a similar incident at the same school on October 26 this year.

"Schools are amongst our most precious community assets and we all have a role to play in keeping them safe," a Department of Education spokeswoman said.

"The Department of Education can confirm a minor vandalism incident on the weekend at Darling Heights State School which resulted in damage to three windows and the attempted theft of confectionery items.

"The damaged windows have been repaired."

The child offenders have not been connected to the break and enters of four other Toowoomba schools in recent weeks, according to police.

But as school holidays approach, residents are being urged to remain vigilant and report instances of trespass or vandalism at education facilities.

"The department aims to minimise incidents of arson, vandalism and theft through targeted security strategies such as the promotion of the School Watch program and the School Security handbook, ongoing partnerships with the Queensland Police Service and Protective Services, and field-based school security advisors," the spokeswoman said.

Trespass and vandalism can be reported 24 hours a day to School Watch on 13 17 88.