Boomers’ jobs await the young

YOUNG and looking for work? Hang in there: the baby boomers are retiring.

Deloitte Access Economics macroecnomist David Rumbens said this would create a stack of workforce opportunities for young people in the coming decade.

"We are starting to see a greater number of baby boomers retiring from the workforce,'' Mr Rumbens said.

"When the GFC hit a lot of people about to retire stayed on because their savings went down and they couldn't afford to retire.

"That stopped some opportunities for younger people coming through.

"Now we are seeing the opposite. Some of those people are leaving the labour force.

"That means there will be more opportunities but it also means we can't afford to waste skilful young people and not give them those opportunities.

"I think in the next 10 years we'll hear a lot from businesses saying it's hard to find skilled workers, so it's important we don't lose these young people."

Mr Rumbens said gas, mining, agribusiness, tourism and international education had been earmarked by Deloitte as industries that will deliver the future's jobs.

He said the Sunshine Coast was perfectly poised to capitalise given its existing base in the latter three and our FIFO affiliation for the mining-related sectors.

Mr Rumbens will speak at a Sunshine Coast Business Council forum on youth prosperity at the Innovation Centre on Tuesday.

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