Some of the cutest costumes from the Book Week Parade

BOOK WEEK: 28 of the cutest costumes from the street parade

WHEN Michelle Mugliett was a young girl the books at her library could transport her to the shores of a treasure island, or into the canopy of the Magic Faraway Tree.

Ms Mugliett said she found adventure in the books of Enid Blyton - joining the Famous Five, and Secret Seven on their journeys across the page.

These first books inspired a life-long love of reading for the St John's Catholic Primary School librarian.

On Friday, Ms Mugliett joined hundreds of students from Walkerston State School, St John's Catholic Primary School and local kindergartens, as well as teachers and parents, who dressed up as their favourite book characters for the annual Book Week Parade in Walkerston.


St John's Catholic Primary School librarian Michelle Mugliett at the Walkerston Book Week Parade.
St John's Catholic Primary School librarian Michelle Mugliett at the Walkerston Book Week Parade. Zizi Averill

Every year, Ms Mugliett said Book Week allowed her students to celebrate their favourite books and characters.

"They bring life to the characters," she said.

"It brings the children together to appreciate the joy of reading and the journey that it takes them on in their imagination."


Ms Mugliett said the literary characters her students were introduced to would become "life long friends" .

Compared to when she was young, Ms Mugliett said today's readers had a much greater range of books to choose from.

She said the children's literature genre had exploded, especially for science fiction and fantasy readers.

"It has changed the game," Ms Mugliett said.


Despite there being more variety to children's literature, Ms Mugliett said it was difficult to draw children away from the screen and into a book.

While the costumed Book Week encouraged the students to dress as their favourite literary character, there were many costumes inspired by television shows, films and video games.

Harry Potter and Dr Seuss characters walked beside their digital friends, including Mario and Luigi, and the Disney princesses.

The Book Week Parade was run by Mackay Regional Council Libraries and supported by the schools and Walkerston Rotary.