Blog will answer your questions on good manners

"MANNERS makyth the man" as the old motto goes!

Hi, my name is Lorraine Holliday-Hand and I love good manners.

I do not intend to set myself up as some shining example of how to behave, but some common code of etiquette or good manners is essential so social intercourse can be maintained and prevented from going into chaos.

" Manners", we know, are considered somewhat at a discount in these days and it is common to hear people's cynicism of others who lack them.

Good manners are those which share the greatest sensitivity to other people and make them feel most at ease; which avoid all actions which annoy them, force unpleasantness upon them, remove their freedom of choice or make them feel smaller.

At the heart of true good manners lies an underlying respect for other people and for their rights.

The good mannered are aware that their ways are not always the 'right ' or only ways.

Good manners cannot be donned on like a new suit, just to impress.

Nobody is fooled for long if the outward behaviour is right and the inner attitude is cynical or downright manipulative!

Real courtesy which is part of the person and as natural as breathing, is unmistakable!

I am not telling anyone how to behave but simply to give the choice as to weather you will follow their usual rules or change horses.

Only you can tell the results you want to follow.

Good manners create better relationships, and a better atmosphere and by their underlying gentleness of attitude, create peacefulness within the bounds of modern living. 

Consider me a friend if I can be of any help in a situation as I will answer with kindness and information.

Thank you.