Burnett MP Stephen Bennett said that climate change had become the political “blame game”.
Burnett MP Stephen Bennett said that climate change had become the political “blame game”.

Blaming climate change for bushfires is irresponsible: MP

IT WAS "irresponsible" blaming climate change for bushfires, which had become the latest political "blame game" topic to justify environmental mismanagement.

This is the view of state Burnett MP Stephen Bennett, who was more outspoken than his federal colleague Keith Pitt when asked if climate change was to be blamed for bushfires.

"Last year, over one million hectares around the state, including a huge area in the Burnett region was burnt out by mismanagement of land clearing and national parks.

"It was absolutely devastating but was something we could have learnt from.

"It is concerning that the state Labor Government always wants to blame anything but their own poor performance. Climate change is the new blame game."

"We can't blame climate change when the Labor Government has restricted access to millions of hectares of densely thickened eucalypt forests that haven't been back burned for decades, and that have no fire breaks."

He praised the work of local firefighters, urging the community to help them as much as possible by clearing debris from around the home, removing combustible material, and to make sure that fire trucks could access the property.

Mr Pitt said he did not want to comment on what was causing the fires during disasters.

"The focus is on ensuring emergency services have the support they need and providing assistance to people affected by these fires," he said.

"I encourage all residents to listen to the advice from our emergency services and follow their instructions."

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told ABC's News Breakfast on Monday that she asked the Prime Minister for funding to increase the state's water fleet.

"We do need to have a national response to these issues as well … it's not being as forthcoming as I'd like it to be," she said.

"Now is not to the time to be talking about these things. We're making do with what we have with the resources that we have."