One of the charges involved an alleged Bitcoin cryptocurrency fraud.
One of the charges involved an alleged Bitcoin cryptocurrency fraud. jpgfactory

Bitcoin allegation after 'appalling' fraud career

A YOUNG man is accused of a $65,000 fraud after already acquiring what was labelled an "appalling” criminal history.

Caleb Robert Fuhrmann's defence counsel Chris Wilson said his client's "appalling” history included "a great spate of frauds”.

But Mr Wilson said drug abuse was the underlying issue in the 23-year-old's offending.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Fuhrmann was in custody facing several minor fraud-type charges but could contest the $65,000 Bitcoin-related fraud charge.

If a Bitcoin fraud charge was denied and went to trial "he'll be in custody for an awfully long time”, Mr Wilson said.

The defence barrister said some other allegations seemed to be strong Crown cases but would be likely to result in short sentences.

Mr Wilson proposed getting Fuhrmann into a rehab facility where a 24-hour curfew could be imposed.

He said the proposed bail conditions would mean "we're effectively imprisoning him at home or the rehab centre”.

Justice Elizabeth Wilson said Fuhrmann was accused of "unrelenting offending” and had disrespected court orders before.

"Whatever the conditions you place upon him, he was on parole, he was on a suspended sentence. It took him about 12 days before he was charged with more offences.”

A Crown prosecutor on Thursday said Fuhrmann presented an unacceptable risk of further offences.

Justice Wilson adjourned the bail application for the defence team to clarify whether the drug rehab centre would accept Fuhrmann. -NewsRegional